Why should I coach?

Not only is it a chance to spend quality time with your child -- it's fun! It's a great break from work, it makes you feel good, and it's a great way to give back to the community.

The rewards come in the form of helping kids have fun at a game or practice, and contributing to their individual skills and teamwork. There is also a great sense of accomplishment when you reach the end of a season, look back and see how far the team has come.

I don't know anything about soccer- can I still coach?

Yes! The Waxahachie Soccer Association provides training and materials. Being a coach involves skills you probably already have and a little knowledge about the game. The WSA is happy to try and pair you with a seasoned coach so you can see how it's done. We also sometimes have players from the high school varsity team and the SAGU team come out to help. On our wesite we have several videos to show you a few drills and skills -- and as always, your age level commissioner is happy to help out in any way they can!

What is the time commitment involved with coaching?

The time commitment for coaching is only a little more than the average parent. Most teams practice 2 days a week for about an hour each (depending on the age level). During season you will mostly have games on Saturdays and possibly a few weeknight games.

Don't think you have enough time to commit? Consider being an assistant coach or maybe co-coaching with another parent on the team so that if one of you can't be there - the other one can.


How do I become a coach?

You sign up to coach at registration time when you register your kids to play.

If you have a child that is already on a team that has a coach, just let the coach know that you are interested in coaching and would like to help. Most of our coaches will be delighted to use you.


Once you are officially named as the coach or assistant coach, you must register through our website in order to obtain your background check and ID badge.


All new coaches MUST paticipate in the Coaching 101 course. This is a free course provided by the WSA which normally takes place on the same Saturday as the coaches meeting.

Do I have to have a child on the team to coach?

No. Anyone over the age of 18 can volunteer to be a coach in the WSA. Generally speaking, most coaches are the parents of a child on the team; however, WSA welcomes and encourages anyone who wants to volunteer to come out and coach!

How old do I have to be to coach?

You must be 18 years old or older to be a WSA coach. Though WSA appreciates and encourages young people to participate in all aspects of soccer including coaching, an individual under 18 years of age may not be listed as the head coach on the official roster due to liability issues. They can certainly assist in training and even make decisions regarding the team, but may not ever be left alone with players.

How do I borrow coaching equipment?

The WSA has a limited number of equipment sets (ball bag, cones and pinnies) for coaches to BORROW, this is on a first come, first served basis and all equipment must be returned at the end of each season. If you fail to return the equipment or lose pieces - you will be responsible for replacing all items not returned or damaged.

Please contact our Director of Coach and Player Development to obtain the equipment.

Can we have paid trainers?

Yes, If your team chooses to pay an individual, company or camp to train you players. You cannot however, force anyone to participate in this.

Must every player play half of the game, or can it be averaged across the whole team?

Yes, every player must play at least 50 percent of every game. Additionally, in U4/U6 it is strongly recommended that no player play four (4) quarters before all players have played three (3) quarters.

The exceptions to this rule are if a player is injured, if a player chooses not to play or if a player is under disciplinary action as provided for in the WSA Rules of the Game.

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