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These are a few of the most frequently asked questions by our members. If your question is not answered here, please email

  • How much does it cost?
    Recreational soccer is one of the most inexpensive activities that kid's can participate in and is the fastest growing sport in the US! We charge a one-time fee for your player. For those in ages 4U-6U, this fee includes your uniform. For those in ages 7U and older, it does not include the uniform. 4U-6U: $95 7U-10U: $90 11U-14U: $100 15U-16U: $105 17U-18U: $115
  • What all is included in the registration fee?
    Your registration fee covers all expenses incurred for your child to play including: Insurance Field Usage National Registration Referees Administrative Costs Awards Uniforms (4U-6U only)
  • What is not included in the registration fee?
    Your registration fee covers all of the expenses for your child to actually play the game. Things that you will need to purchase on your own are: Ball Shin-guards Practice socks Uniform (for 7U and older only)
  • Are there any discounts available?
    Yes! If you are registering more than one child, you will receive a discount for each additional child after the first child is paid in full. We also offer a 50% reimbursement to all of our returning head coaches as a thank-you for volunteering your time! Looking for more than 50% off? We also offer a significant discount to our board members. If you would like to join our board, please email us:
  • Can my child play with a friend?
    As long as they are the same age (or only 1 year difference), then in most cases - Yes! To submit this request, please send an email to PRIOR TO the close of regular registration.
  • Can I coach my child's team?
    We are always on the lookout for great coaches! All of the coaches in WSA are volunteers - if you are interested in volunteering your time, please visit the Coaches page of our website to register as a coach.
  • How can I join the WSA board?
    Our board is made up of parents just like you who are bringing fresh ideas to the table to help make this association the best in North Texas! We are always looking for new board members to join us. If you are interested, please email us at
  • My child was injured - now what?
    While severe injuries are not common, from time to time accidents do happen. Part of your registration fees covers insurance for your child thru North Texas State Soccer Association. You will need to visit their website for additional information and insurance claim forms:
  • How do I print my game sheet?
  • How do I print a coach or player ID card?
  • What do I need to bring with me to games?
    For each game you must have these three items: #1: Your coach ID. This must be displayed for the entirety of the match. WSA will provide you with an ID card and lanyard as long as you have completed the requirements on time. If you did not complete them on time, you will need to print your own. We suggest also getting an ID badge holder from any office supply location. #2: Your game card. We suggest printing these weekly. This will ensure that all of the information is up to date on the sheet. #3: Your player's ID's. You can either show these thru virtual check-in, or you can print a copy to carry with you. We suggest laminating your copy if you choose to print them.
  • I already completed SafeSport, but it is not showing in my account - what now?
    SafeSport has to be completed once each year (July-June) by all participants who will turn 18 during the soccer year (July-June). If this is your first time, you will complete the 1.5 hour course. For the next two years, they are refresher courses lasting approximately 30 minutes. We always recommend that you download your completion certificate just in case the system does not attach your certificate properly. You can see below for instructions on downloading your certificate. If you completed SafeSport and it did not attach your certificate to your account, login to and select your Dashboard. From here, click on Details to the far right of the Safe Sport requirement. Enter in the completion certificate number and select Check Records. If it still does not find your certificate, you can email in a copy of your completion certificate to -- if you do not have your completion certificate, you will need to either contact SafeSport to have them assist you or you will need to retake the course.
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