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All teams are responsible for completing online check-in no later than the Monday immediately prior to the tournament.

Failure to complete online check-in by the due date will result in your team losing points.


All players must complete the 'Medical Release Form' created by the North Texas State Soccer Association and found on their website here. The team manager/coach must keep these 'Medical Release Forms' on-hand for the duration of the tournament and make them available to any tournament staff member requesting to see them. Once all players have submitted this form to the team manager/coach, the 'Team Medical Waiver' needs to be signed by the team manager/coach and uploaded to GotSport.


Each team must submit their recreational roster from the Spring season which has been signed by their association registrar. You can obtain this roster by contacting your playing league.


Each team can have a maximum of three guest players. Your team cannot go over the maximum number of players allowed by the North Texas State Soccer Association for your age group even if some of your regular players will not be attending the tournament. This means that if you are a 10U team and you have 10 players on your regular roster, you can only bring two guest players making your total number of players (attending and not attending) twelve. 

                       6U: 8                    7/8U: 8                    9/10U: 12                    11/12U: 16                    13/14U: 18                    15-19U: 22

Have each guest player complete the 'Guest Player Release Form' found here on the North Texas State Soccer Association website and then upload it into GotSport.


Any team traveling from outside of the North Texas State Soccer Association area must receive permission from their home association to attend the tournament. Please contact your governing body to obtain this release and then upload it into GotSport.


All check-in must be completed online no later than the Monday immediately prior to the tournament start. If you are unfamiliar with how to complete online check-in thru GotSport, please click below for a step-by-step guide.

Once you have completed online check-in, we will let you know if you are missing anything. 

If you fail to complete online check-in on-time, your team will be docked points and you will be required to check-in on-site two hours prior to your first game.

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