All teams in ages 3U-6U will have uniforms provided for you by WSA. Your team must wear these uniforms. This is an added convenience for our younger teams to help ease you into coaching and means that you will never have a color conflict and therefore, you will not need alternate jerseys/pinnies. Your commissioner will be in contact with you regarding team color and uniform sizes.

All teams in ages 7U-19U will be responsibile for securing your own uniforms. You can pick any color/style that you would like. We suggest that you also order numbered alternate jerseys/tshirts or pinnies when you order uniforms in case there is a color conflict (the Home team must change jerseys/wear pinnies). Please try to keep your uniform cost at less than $40. If you would like to secure a sponsor to help pay for your uniforms, you can but keep in mind the WSA uniform policy:

  • No logos that advertise any product/service that a minor cannot partake in.

  • Numbers must be a minimum of 6" tall and be a different color (or outlined in a different color) than the jersey

You may choose to order your uniforms from anywhere - WSA recommends these two providers:

This is an online company and is who WSA uses to order our uniforms for 3U-6U. They have great pricing, excellent quality and will ship your uniforms to your home.

A discount code will be provided to you at the Coach's Meeting to get an even better deal!

This is a local company in Waxahachie. You can order your uniforms online or in person at their store. 

They also have the capability of setting up an online 'store' for your team so that parents can order their size and pay online.

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